We are a collective considering the possibilities for liberty, communism, and the labour movement in Scotland and the UK. Our book, Roch Winds: A Treacherous Guide to the State of Scotland, was published in May 2016.

‘Roch Winds’ comes from a song, the Freedom Come Aa Ye, written by Hamish Henderson. The relevant line is:

There’s mair nor a roch wind blawin through the Great Glen o the world the day

Follow us on twitter – @Roch_Winds

The editors are Cailean Gallagher (@CaileanG), Rory Scothorne (@shirkerism) and Amy Westwell (@amywestwell)

Comments policy: Leninist



“They’ve walked into no mans land, These guys are absolutely smack bang in the middle of everybody”  – Lesley Riddoch

“First I’ve read on this site, which some have been recommending. Dear lord.” – Wings over Scotland

“This should *really* scare the Labour establishment” – Pat Kane

“Listening to Cailean, Rory and Amy feels like politics is actually about to properly start in this particular polity” – Pat Kane

“Useless” – Pat Kane

“Very clever” – Owen Jones

“It’s a load of mince. And if it was supposed to humorous, it isn’t.” – A Cybernat

“Really very interesting” – Peter McColl

“It’s like being harangued by a keelie Lenin” – A Cybernat

“Partisanship aside it’s good to have some Scottish blogging from Labour-supporting sorts again.” – Lallands Peat Worrier

“Vital, dynamic and exciting voices. Love the posts.” – Kate Higgins 

“Basically a reworking of ‘too wee, too poor, to stupid’?” – A Cybernat

“Good stuff all round. But you’re too smart for the ‘real Labour’ heritage industry…” – Scott Hames

“I can’t get my head round this argument at all.” – A Cybernat

“Flawed scaremongering from ‘rad’ left does Indy aim no good!” – Jim Graham

“As usual, Mair Nor a Roch Wind have their hearts in the right place but are mad as a box of frogs” – Alistair Davidson

“We’ve had critical analysis for 30 years, and done zero. Often because we’ve shot down any alternatives.” – Irvine Welsh

“Irredeemably soaked in their own petit-bourgeois “petit-bourgeois” waffling. Yuck.” – A Cybernat

“Dear God. Just what we need, another bloody ‘Scottish Enlightenment’. Maybe they’ll fuck off to England like the last lot.” – A Cybernat

“Seems like a number o folk been reading the shite and thinking it’s clever” – A Cybernat

“Advocated independence as a means of destroying the SNP and bringing about a worldwide revolution of the proletariat.” – Wings over Scotland

“What s this obsession with the workers of England.” – A Cybernat



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