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Roch Winds: A Treacherous Guide to the State of Scotland is available from the 6th May 2016. We’ll be running events over the next few months in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, St Andrews, Stirling and London.

Did Scotland’s rough wind become something more after the referendum, as so many hoped it would, or did it blow itself out? What power can pessimism have in a nation of newfound self-confidence?

A generation ago, the communist poet Hamish Henderson forecast that ‘mair nor a roch wind’ – more than a rough wind – would rush through the great glen of the world as empires and nations collapsed. In Roch Winds, three young radicals pick through the rubble left in the wake of the storm that propelled the Scottish National Party into a position of unprecedented political dominance in Scotland.

This darkly humorous book tears at the roots of Scottish social democracy. Reviving a radical tradition of criticism from Tom Paine to Tom Nairn, Cicero to Capital, the authors cast their eyes to Scotland’s future and to revolutionary horizons. Fluent, funny and full of fighting talk, this book is for everyone who has ever wondered what lies behind the tartan curtain of Scotland’s new establishment.

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Any queries, please get in touch via rochwinds [at] gmail [dot] [com]

Reviews of Roch Winds: A Treacherous Guide to the State of Scotland

‘Whatever your politics, the text’s creativity is undeniable. The three Marxist musketeers have amassed a mountain of literary allusions. This is no turgid textbook’ – Michael Gray, The National

‘An engaging new polemic’ – David Torrance, The Sunday Herald

‘Roch Winds is lively, disarming and energetic’, The Morning Star

‘In the ongoing absence of any effective opposition to the SNP’s complete dominance at Holyrood and beyond, commentary of this quality is badly needed to puncture Scotland’s self-satisfied political consensus.’ – Justin Reynolds, Sceptical Scot

‘Found ‘Roch Winds’ by turns incisive, sneery, & redolent of a very, very late night in The Doublet.’ – Emma Ritch

‘Roch Winds is a stinging critique of devolved Scotland. Well worth £8.99 – whatever your political views are.’ – Aidan Kerr (STV reporter)

‘I liked the writing style and lack of concern for people’s misplaced nostalgia. Much needed’ – Loki (Scottish rapper)

‘It’s a swift kick in the nuts for sclerotic Scottish nationalists and dozy UK unionists. Recommend’ – Kenny Farquharson (Columnist at The Times)

‘It is an agreeable read’ – New Communist Party of Britain

‘A very good, and funny, read on Scottish politics’ – @How_Upsetting

‘Given the book’s fixation on the vitalising qualities of anger, pessimism, even hatred, you can’t help but feel the authors are relishing the coming consternation’ – David Jamieson, Common Space

‘All their references are dead.’ – Mike Small, Bella Caledonia